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Youth Parliament trained in Counter-Extremism

Islamabad August 30, 2013; To enhance understanding of the members of Youth Parliament Pakistan on what constitutes extremism and how to practically address it, an exclusive workshop on Countering-Extremism was carried out during the fourth session of Youth Parliament Pakistan.

Spanning over 2 days, the workshop focused on identifying various facets of extremism in the society followed by exercises on developing objectives, long and short term goals, strategies and recommendations.

Youth Parliament Pakistan members agreed that extremism needs to be managed in society through dialogue, developing tolerance, decreasing economic disparity, controlling law and order situation and most importantly through bridging communication gap between various segments of the society.

The workshop was conducted by Mr. Mohammed Feyyaz, a seasoned instructor from School of Governance and Society, University of Management and Technology Lahore with extensive experience of leading similar workshops in renowned national institutions. A Background Paper "Multiform Youth Extremism in Pakistan" to assist the MYPs was also prepared for the workshop and disseminated as part of workshop papers. The groups and the instructor discussed the paper in detail. Later the groups were assigned with special instructions to come up with Vision/objectives, Training methods, communication modes, Operational methods and targets and Future strategy.

Second day, Member of Youth Parliament Pakistan groups presented their strategies for countering extremism. During the presentations, the groups were asked questions by the other groups on their particular strategies and recommendations.

The Counter Extremism Workshop is one of the main activities which were designed for the members of the Youth Parliament Pakistan. This workshop was designed to enhance and broaden the thinking of the Youth Parliament Pakistan Members so they can identify the roots of extremism in the society.

Earlier, the Members of the Youth Parliament Pakistan (MYPs) visited to observe the Parliamentary Proceedings of the National Assembly.

The 5th Youth Parliament Pakistan is supported by the Danish International Development Agency, Government of Denmark as recognition of the importance of young people's involvement in democracy and democratic practices.






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