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Youth Parliament Pakistan's 5th batch finishes its tenure


Islamabad, September 22; The Youth Parliament Pakistan 2013 completed its tenure today with laying policies and reports from the Government, Opposition and Standing Committees in the House.

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Democracy in Pakistan is not limited to a Set Number of People: Khurrum Dastgir Khan, MNA, Minister of State Minister for Privatization


Islamabad, September 21; While addressing the Youth Parliament Pakistan on the fourth day of the fifth session, Mr. Khurrum Dastgir Khan, MNA, Minister of State Minister for Privatization, said that Pakistan is a democratic country where the opinion of every citizen counts and it is no longer limited to certain class, background or party.

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Youth of Pakistan is the Game Changer in Today's Politics: Murad Saeed, MNA


Islamabad, September 20; While Addressing the Youth Parliament Pakistan on the third day of the fifth session, Mr. Murad Saeed said the Youth of Pakistan is no longer an irrelevant part of politics and in fact it is the new 'Game Changer.' The youth has shown its strength in the General Election of 2013 displaying that they are capable of bringing change in the National and Provincial Assemblies.

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Youth of Pakistan & India should focus on Dialogue to Resolve Pak-India Issues: Mani Shankar Aiyar, Indian MP


Islamabad, September 19; Mr. Mani Shankar Aiyar, Member of the Indian Parliament (Rajiya Sabha), advised youth of Pakistan & India to engage in a dialogue based on conflict-resolution for peace in the region. He was addressing the Members of the Youth Parliament Pakistan on the 'State of Relations between Pakistan and India' on the second day of the fifth session of Youth Parliament Pakistan.

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Youth Parliament Pakistan Condemns the Heartless Rape Attack on the 5 Year old Girl in Lahore


Islamabad, September 18; The Youth Parliament Pakistan condemned the vicious rape attack on a 5 year old girl in Lahore. The Calling Attention was brought by Mr. Najam-u-Saqib (YP59-SINDH11) of the Green Party in which he urged the Government to take immediate steps to find and arrest the culprits who were involved in this inhuman attack. In response, the Youth Prime Minister, Mr. Rana Faisal Hayat (YP22-PUNJAB05) condemned this brutal attack on behalf of the Youth Parliament Pakistan and was of the view that severe punishments should be given to the culprits.

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Government urgently requires to make a comprehensive National Security Policy: Dr. Shoaib Suddle


Islamabad, September 1, 2013: While addressing the Youth Parliament Pakistan on the last day of the fourth session, Dr. Muhammad Shoaib Suddle, Security Analyst and former Federal Tax Ombudsman was of the view that the Government requires to move fast on putting in place a comprehensive National Security Policy. The issue of extremism and terrorism are deep rooted for which efforts are required from all sectors of society. He was of the opinion that the youth of Pakistan are the only hope of bringing stability in Pakistan. "Platforms like Youth Parliament Pakistan are a ray of hope for a better Pakistan. Such platforms create the mindset which is required to address the critical challenges of the society" said Dr. Shoaib Suddle.

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Members of Youth Parliament demand end to Dump and Kill Policy in Balochistan


Islamabad, August 31; Mr. Rafiullah Kakar (YP06- BALOCHISTAN05), Mr. Inam Ullah Marwat (YP14-KP04), Mr. Mateeullah Tareen (YP04-BALOCHISTAN03) and Mr. Hazrat Wali Kakar (YP02-BALOCHISTAN01) moved a resolution in the house condemning the "Dump and Kill" policy by the military establishment in Balochistan. The resolution further stated that incase the establishment persists with such strategies; it is likely to accentuate further crisis of National integration.

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Youth Parliament trained in Counter-Extremism


Islamabad August 30, 2013; To enhance understanding of the members of Youth Parliament Pakistan on what constitutes extremism and how to practically address it, an exclusive workshop on Countering-Extremism was carried out during the fourth session of Youth Parliament Pakistan.

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Pakistan Needs a Well-Integrated National Security Policy: Air Marshal (Retd.) Masood Akhtar addresses Youth Parliament Pakistan


August 28, 2013; While addressing the 4th session of the Youth Parliament Pakistan, Air Marshal (Retd.) Masood Akhtar, Former Chief Instructor at the National Defence University (NDU), said that Pakistan requires a comprehensive and well-crafted national security policy urgently to tackle the mounting challenges of national security.

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Youth Parliament Pakistan presents a Policy on State Owned Television Channel


Islamabad, July 7, 2013: The last day of third session of Youth Parliament Pakistan began with a resolution moved in the House by Ms. Shahana Afsar (YP42-PUNJAB25), Youth Shadow Minister for Information, who presented a revised Policy towards Pakistan Television (PTV) on behalf of the Green Party which focused on measures to make the management and presentation of the state TV more appealing and competitive.

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Youth Parliament Pakistan demands the Quick Dispensation of Justice


Islamabad, July 6, 2013; Youth Parliament Pakistan's fourth day of the third session began with a resolution moved Ms. Sitwat Waqar (YP12-KP02) Youth Shadow Minister for Foreign Affairs and Defence requesting the newly elected Government of Pakistan to take sheer steps to revise the existing anti terrorism legislative mechanisms to ensure better enforcement in its anti terrorism courts moreover holding speedy trials of over 7000 terrorists in detention. She was of the view that such examples should be set to subvert the roots of immoral exploitation of religious teachings in madrassas and mosques which provoke the youth towards terrorist behavior and activities. Ms. Momna Naeem (YP31-PUNJAB14) endorsed this resolution and suggested that the unequal distribution of punishment allotted to the culprits should be abolished and punishment should be given on level of crime performed.

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Youth Parliament Pakistan elects new Prime Minister


Islamabad, July 05, 2013; The third day of the Youth Parliament Pakistan's third session began with the ascertainment of the new Youth Prime Minister. Mr. Rana Faisal Hayat (YP22-PUNJAB05) was elected as the Youth Prime Minister of the House. The new Prime Minister of the House Mr. Rana Faisal Hayat (YP22-PUNJAB05) and Opposition Leader Mr. Kashif Ali (YP51-SINDH03) appreciated the efforts of former Prime Minister Ms. Anam Asif (YP40-PUNJAB23).

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Youth Parliament Pakistan Proposes 'Pak-India Relations Policy'


Islamabad, July 04, 2013: Second day of the third session of the 5th Youth Parliament Pakistan commenced with Ms. Sitwat Waqar (YP12-KP02) Youth Shadow Minister for Foreign Affairs and Defence and Ms. Momna Naeem (YP31-PUNJAB14) Chairperson of Youth Parliament Pakistan Standing Committee on Information presented a 'Youth Policy on Relations with India'. The report began with the turbulent history of the two countries centering on the Kashmir issue which also emphasized the urgency of moving towards the resolution of the Kashmir issue by pursuing certain confidence building measures first. The various 'Confidence Building Measures' (CBM) proposed in the report included trade liberalization, visa relaxation regime, research, and academic and cultural exchange program between the two countries and so on.

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Youth Parliament Pakistan demands Government to take strict action against the Militants across the country


Islamabad, July 03, 2013: Youth Parliament Pakistan 2013 began its first day of the Third Session with the calling attention notices moved by Mr. Amin Ismaili (YP15-KPK05) to bring the attention of Youth Minister for Interior, Kashmir Affairs and GB towards the terror attacks near the base camp of Nanga Parbat which has portrayed a negative image of Pakistan internationally for tourists. Mr. Muhammad Khashif Khan Khichi (YP39-PUNJAB22) invited the attention of Youth Finance Minister towards the 17% increase in General Sales Tax (GST).

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Youth Parliament condemns worsening law and order in Karachi


Islamabad, April 27, 2013; The last day of second session of Youth Parliament Pakistan began with the "Calling Attention Notice" moved by Mr. Arsalan Ali (YP52-SINDH04) and Mr. Ejaz Sarwar (YP21-PUNJAB04). The House condemned the recent deadly attack on ANP meeting in Mominabad, Karachi which resulted in the loss of eleven lives which is highly denounced.

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Youth Parliament Pakistan Demands Ban to be Lifted from Youtube


Islamabad, April 26, 2013: The Fourth Day of second session of Youth Parliament Pakistan (YPP) resumed the discussion on a resolution which asked to uplift the ban on Youtube as it was against the freedom of information enshrined in the article 19 of the constitution.

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Article (6) should be implemented on all; Demands Youth Parliament Pakistan


Islamabad, April 25, 2013: The Third Day of second session of Youth Parliament Pakistan (YPP) resumed the discussion on a resolution which insisted the Government to make the use of article (6) and trial all individuals who have either abrogated or suspended the constitution of Pakistan. The resolution was moved by Mr. Reyyan Khan Niaz (YP23-PUNJAB06) and Mr. Umer Naeem (YP48-PUNJAB31) which was passed unanimously.

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Youth of Pakistan now has a new Importance in the field of Politics and Elections: Dr. Ijaz Shafi Gillani speaks on role of Youth in Politics


Islamabad, April 24, 2013: While addressing the Youth Parliament Pakistan on the second day of the Youth Parliament Pakistan, Dr. Ijaz Shafi Gillani, Chairman Gallup Pakistan, enlightened the members with his views on the importance of youth in the electoral process. He was of the view that "Lawlessness is one of the major problems in Pakistan which needs to be addressed at its earliest". He further added that the rule of law must always be enforced and everyone should answerable before law.

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Youth Parliament Pakistan demands a strict action against the terrorist organizations which are trying to destabilize the state and electoral process


Islamabad, April 23, 2013; Second Session of 5th Youth Parliament Pakistan began today in Islamabad. The session started with a calling attention notice to discuss the alarming situation of deadly terrorist attacks against politicians during the election campaign to undermine the democratic system of Pakistan. The members demanded adequate security measures for the 2013 elections for a secured environment for the people to vote.

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One Must Learn to Manage with the Changing Situations, says Ms. Shazia Marri; Member of the National Assembly and Former Provincial Information Minister, Sindh


Islamabad, March 1; "Shaheed Benazir Bhutto once said in a party meeting that one must learn to manage what they think and say. The word to ponder here is Manage" said Ms. Shazia Marri; MNA. She briefed the Young Parliamentarians on how to manage the political, social and national situations at times and how not to project a negative image in the media. She shared her experiences when she was the Provincial Information Minister, Sindh and Party's Information Secretary with the Members of Youth Parliament Pakistan on their visit to the National Assembly of Pakistan. She guided the young members on how to deal with the question and answer sessions and on the importance of the press releases.

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5th Youth Parliament Pakistan Launched Youth Participation in Politics key to sustainability of Democracy in Pakistan: Kundi


Islamabad, February 28; Addressing the Youth Parliament at its inaugural session Mr. Faisal Karim Kundi, (NA-24, D. I. Khan) MNA, Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly and Patron, Youth Parliament Pakistan, said that the participation of youth in politics is the key to sustainability and quality of democracy in Pakistan.

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Pakistan’s youth must identify themselves with Pakistan: PILDAT Roundtable on Democracy and Youth


Islamabad, February 28; What does it mean to be young in Pakistan?” This was the question posed by Mr. Ghazi Salahuddin, Senior Analyst and Member, PILDAT’s Democracy Assessment Group, while concluding his speech in an interactive and candid roundtable discussion on “Youth and Democracy”, with members of the 5th batch of the Youth Parliament Pakistan.

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Youth of Pakistan should support efforts of polio Eradication: Youth Parliament Pakistan briefed


February 27; The support of youth of Pakistan is critical for eradicating Polio from Pakistan, said Dr. Shamsher Khan, Coordinator High-Risk Districts, UNICEF, while addressing the Youth Parliament of Pakistan today.

Dr. Shamsher Khan was addressing the newly-inducted 5th batch of Youth Parliament Pakistan 2013 on the importance of understanding and support of youth on the challenges of polio eradication in Pakistan.

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5th Youth Parliament Pakistan take Oath


Islamabad, February 26, 2013; The second day of the First Session of the Youth Parliament Pakistan 2013 began with the Oath Taking Ceremony of the members. Mr. Wazir Ahmed Jogezai, Former Deputy Speaker, National Assembly of Pakistan served as the Speaker. Oath taking ceremony was followed by a discussion on 'New Electoral rolls in Pakistan' led by Mr. Ahmed Bilal Mehboob, President PILDAT. According to him, the electoral list prepared for general elections 2012 is relatively better than the ones prepared previously. He highlighted the use of computerized CNIC, which in its real sense has helped in the decrease of name duplication and other manipulations.

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Fifth Youth Parliament Pakistan Meets for its Inaugural Session


Islamabad, February 25; The inaugural session of 5th batch of Youth Parliament Pakistan 2013, begins today in Islamabad.

Facilitated by PILDAT, the Youth Parliament Pakistan is patterned after the National Assembly of Pakistan. Its membership is drawn from young Pakistanis aged between 18-29 years from Balochistan, KP, Punjab, Sindh, Gilgit-Baltistan, AJK and FATA.

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PILDAT finalises Selection for 5th batch of Youth Parliament Pakistan 2013


Islamabad, January 11; PILDAT, the Secretariat of Youth Parliament Pakistan, together with the Steering Committee of Youth Parliament Pakistan has announced the final selection of members for the Fifth Youth Parliament Pakistan 2013.

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