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  Kashif Ali
  Brief Profile  

Born on June 8, 1990. Kashif Ali hails from the city of Hyderabad, Sindh. He is currently senior student of Political Science and Economics at LUMS, Lahore. Recently he has been selected as one of the 14 participants across Pakistan to represent country on various forums in Germany during a fortnight study trip arranged by German Federal Foreign Office. On professional level, his experience includes working with international organizations such as United Nations and British Council as an internee. He is also deeply engaged in social works as part of his commitment to social change. He had arranged various education related seminars in some of the obscure towns of Pakistan where people rarely educate their children, with the help of financing from different organizations. Apart from various academic publications to his credit, Kashif also frequently contributes to Express Tribune's Blog. His interests includes International Relations, Public Policy, Conflict Management, Pakistan's Foreign policy with particular emphasis on Pakistan's Relations with its regional neighbours.

  Status in Youth Parliament  

Politically, Kashif Ali is affiliated with Green Party and is working as Youth Leader of the Opposition and Chairperson Youth Parliament Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and Defence

  Contact Detail  
  Participation in Legislative Business  
Second Session

Mr. Kashif Ali (YP51-SINDH03) and Mr. Arsalan Ali (YP52-SINDH04) would like to move the following resolution:“This House is of the opinion that the biggest threat to hold free and fair elections 2013 is the increased targets by the militants. There has been an increased identification by the militant groups to attack parties such as ANP, PPP and MQM who have historically retained and stood against terrorists in Pakistan. The coming elections are no less significant. At stake is the future of Pakistan as a democratic country. It is therefore high time that Election Commission Pakistan must not let the electoral process being hijacked by the anti-state forces and all the parties must vehemently condemn TTP's attacks. An adequate protective arrangement must also be made with the help of police, rangers and if needed the Army to ensure that people participate in elections free of intimidation and fears.”

Second Session

Mr. Arsalan Ali (YP52-SINDH04) and Mr. Kashif Ali (YP51-SINDH03) would like to move the following resolution: “This House is of the opinion that government should lift the ban from Youtube as it is a clear violation of article 19(a) of constitution of Pakistan, which guarantees the right of information to every citizen.”

Second Session

Mr. Kashif Ali (YP51-SINDH03), Mr. Arsalan Ali (YP52-SINDH04), Ms. Sitwat Waqar (YP12-KP02), Mr. Ejaz Sarwar (YP21-PUNJAB04), Ms. Momna Naeem (YP31-PUNJAB14) to introduce “Minorities Protection Bill.

Mr. Kashif Ali (YP51-SINDH03), Mr. Arsalan Ali (YP52-SINDH04) to introduce a Private Member bill on “Protection against Domestic Violence.”

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