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Youth Parliament Pakistan Demands Ban to be Lifted from Youtube

Islamabad, April 26, 2013: The Fourth Day of second session of Youth Parliament Pakistan (YPP) resumed the discussion on a resolution which asked to uplift the ban on Youtube as it was against the freedom of information enshrined in the article 19 of the constitution.

Mr. Arsalan Ali (YP51-SINDH04) and Mr. Kashif Ali (YP50-SINDH03) were of the view that ban on Youtube is not the appropriate measure against an act which is of one individual and not even of any state. Member from both treasury and opposition benches both agreed that learning from the life of Holy Prophet such measures have no value but rather peaceful protest from the public and the highest authorities were appropriate. Where as Mr. Yasir Abbas (YP08-GB01) was of the view that Muslims should have come up with a counter strategy like making a movie that defines the beauty of Islam and the personality of the Holy Prophet, Ms. Bushra Iqbal Rao (YP60-SINDH12) said that it was the right time for all the Muslim countries to unite at a forum like the OIC, to ensure that certain rules are formulated that discourage hate speech, Ms. Shahana Afsar (YP42-PUNJAB25) was of the view that peacefully this issue could have been resolved but due to the mishandle of Public, media and Government the issue was exacerbated.

Later another resolution was moved in the House by Mr. Muhammad Faizan (YP36-PUNJAB19), Mr. Hasham Malik (YP09-ICT01), Mr. Junaid Ashraf (YP01-AJK01) and Ms. Bushra Iqbal Rao (YP60-SINDH12) to restrict the media from discussing subjudice matters in public as they hamper the process of due justice. Media should not to impose its opinion on the masses.

Another resolution was moved that called for the new coming Government to hold the local Government elections as soon as possible in the true spirit of Democracy. These elections are pending since 2009, and the next Government must look beyond political motives and make arrangements to devolve power to the grass root level through the LG system, as is required by the constitution's article 140A, after the 18th amendment. The House unanimously passed the resolution and appreciated it.

The house was adjourned tomorrow at 9:00 am.






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