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  Anam Asif
  Brief Profile  

Born on December 11, 1989. Anam Asif completed her Bachelors in Chemical Engineering in 2012 from University of Engineering and Technology (UET), Lahore. Currently she is working as Manager in ICI Pakistan, Polyester Business, and has the honor to be the only lady working as engineer and manager there. She has been privileged to work as Research Assistant at Pakistan Institute of Nuclear Sciences and Technology, where she was successful in synthesizing a new Nano-compound for which she has been regarded as the youngest researcher in Nano-technology. She has written articles and stories on women rights, social justice and current affairs with reference to role of youth. She has been the writer, editor and media person for literary society UET. She won English declamation and technical competitions. She has worked with many NGOs and has represented Pakistan at International Youth Conference. She was a successful entrepreneur and her interest is in science and technology. She has worked on many innovative commercial projects for energy conservation.

  Status in Youth Parliament  

Politically, Anam Asif is affiliated with Blue Party and former Youth Prime Minister from February 27, 2013 to July 04, 2013

  Contact Detail  
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