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Youth Parliament Pakistan Condemns the Heartless Rape Attack on the 5 Year old Girl in Lahore

Islamabad, September 18; The Youth Parliament Pakistan condemned the vicious rape attack on a 5 year old girl in Lahore. The Calling Attention was brought by Mr. Najam-u-Saqib (YP59-SINDH11) of the Green Party in which he urged the Government to take immediate steps to find and arrest the culprits who were involved in this inhuman attack. In response, the Youth Prime Minister, Mr. Rana Faisal Hayat (YP22-PUNJAB05) condemned this brutal attack on behalf of the Youth Parliament Pakistan and was of the view that severe punishments should be given to the culprits.

On the first day of the fifth and last session of Youth Parliament Pakistan 2013, a resolution was presented by Mr. Hazrat Wali Kakar (YP02-BALOCHISTAN01) from the Blue Party demanding that the Federal Government should take the people and Government of Balochistan on-board before signing any developmental project agreement related to Balochistan. Mr. Hazrat Wali was of the view that the people of Balochistan have been deprived of their fundamental rights even though its resources are widely used across Pakistan i.e. Gas, Coal and etc. The people of Balochistan want a standard number of schools, hospitals and disaster centres in their region.

Mr. Reyyan Niaz (YP23-PUNJAB06) of the Green Party welcomed the suggestion by Mr. Wali Kakar but differentiated on the implementation of such policies. Mr. Reyyan was of the view that provinces like Punjab and Sindh have given their share of NFC Award to Balochistan but no positive change has been seen so far. The people of Balochistan should ask from their elected representatives for the developmental work in the constituencies.

In the end, a resolution from Mr. Arsalan Ali (YP52-SINDH04) was presented where he asked the political and religious parties in Pakistan to cooperate with the Government in Karachi operation to make sure that it is not politicized. He was of the view that the good intentions of the Government have allowed the operation to take place. At this point in time, the whole nation should decide and agree on this operation in order to eliminate terror from Karachi. The Leader of the Opposition Mr. Kashif Ali (YP51-SINDH03) supported this resolution on his party's behalf by saying that Karachi has suffered a lot over the years in terms of life and finances; it is now slowly losing its slogan of a 'Roshniyoun ka Shehar'. The Government should have started this unbiased operation earlier so the city could have been made a lot safer.






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