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  Saqlain Saleem
  Brief Profile  

Born on May 10, 1991. Saqlain Saleem is enrolled in B.Sc. Hons in Accounting & Finance at Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS), Lahore. He secured top position in 8th Class (737/800) in entire Multan board along with top position in Matriculation by achieving 800/850 in entire Rawalpindi board from Cadet College, Hasan Abdal. He Attained 2nd position in F.Sc. by getting 995/100 in entire Rawalpindi Board from Cadet College Hasan Abdal. Other than his excellent performance in academics, he has an outstanding in extracurricular record as well where he received certificates for Best Debater in Cadet College, Hasan Abdal, Color holder of CCH & LUMS hockey team, Champions of Chess & Carom in CCH and Runners up in checkers. Moreover he has actively participated in social welfare work like Flood relief drive to gather support and funds for the affected of devastating flood. Currently he is Director of LUMS Community Service Society. He also laid down the foundation of Blood Donation Society in LUMS under the banner of LCSS after visiting India for medical treatment in 2010 and examining their successful blood donation system in New Delhi. He is also participating keenly for ‘Hope’ organization and is working actively in grass root level politics in his constituency by pursuing social and political causes for the common people on humanitarian grounds.

  Status in Youth Parliament  

Politically, Saqlain Saleem is affiliated with Blue Party and is member of Youth Parliament Standing Committee on Finance, Planning Affairs and Economics and former Youth Minister for Finance, Planning Affairs and Economics from February 27, 2013 to July 04, 2013 and Chairperson Youth Parliament Standing Committee on Finance, Planning Affairs and Economics from February 27, 2013 to July 03, 2013

  Contact Detail  
  Participation in Legislative Business  
First Session

Mr. Saqlain Saleem (YP20-PUNJAB03) would like to move the following resolution: “This House is of the opinion that the issue of Shia Killing in Pakistan is of grave nature. The government of Pakistan should look for the ways to resolve the issues of shia killing which has seriously aggravated not only in Hazara but across the whole country. The Culprits should be punished according to the law with an iron fist that creates an example for extremists and terrorists mindsets to meddle with people’s religious affairs”.

Second Session

Mr. Muhammad Kashif Khan Khichi (YP39-PUNJAB22), Mr. Muhammad Danish Raza (YP19-PUNJAB02), Mr. Saqlain Saleem(YP20-PUNJAB03), Mr. Muhammad Nabeel Sandhu (YP25-PUNJAB08) and Ms. Aisha Tahir (YP32-PUNJAB150) would like to move following resolution: “This House is of the opinion that special investigation should be carried out and made to public, the findings over Quetta and Karachi carnage and sectarian target killing. So that conspiracy to sabotage peaceful environment of the country should be exposed. Moreover there is a need to check the foreign factor to destabilize our beloved country. Attacks against any citizen of Pakistan must be condemned and culprits must be brought to justice”.

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