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  Zaib Liaqat
  Brief Profile  

Born on June 13, 1990. Zaib Liaqat is enrolled in MBA in Banking and Finance at the Punjab University (PU), Lahore. She has always been very active in extra and co-curricular activities by being a member of HCBF, PU debating and art and culture society, junior Ambassador of World Wide Federation, member of Girl Guide Association Pakistan, organizer of Youth Festival Punjab 2012 and worked for earthquake affected children in 2005 on voluntary basis. She was recently selected for International Youth Leadership conference U.A.E. She was also awarded with merit scholarship by HCBF, PU in 2012. She is also awarded with a laptop from Chief Minister of Punjab on the basis of her academic achievement. Moreover, she completed her F.Sc. from Kinnaird College, Lahore. As a speaker, she has also participated in various debate competitions throughout her academic career. Her interests include writing, horse riding, Foreign Affairs.

  Status in Youth Parliament  

Politically, Zaib Liaqat is affiliated with Blue Party and is working as Youth Minister for Information Technology and Telecommunication and is member of Youth Parliament Standing Committee on Information

  Contact Detail  
  Participation in Legislative Business  
Second Session

Ms. Zaib Liaqat (YP26-PUNJAB09) would like to move following resolution: “This House is of the opinion that the overseas Pakistanis should be given the right to vote. The change is expected to affect more than three million Pakistanis living abroad. The possibility of introducing a “postal balloting” method seem to be the most easily implemented option, given the time available. Alternatively polling stations can be established at the embassies and consulates in foreign jurisdictions and the embassy officials can be appointed as the returning officers”.

Ms. Zaib Liaqat (YP26-PUNJAB09) would like to move following resolution: “This House is of the opinion that the blank box should not be included in the ballot paper. It is illogical because it will pave the way for undemocratic forces”.

Second Session

Mr. Rajesh Kumar Maharaj (YP61-SINDH3), Mr. Afnan Saiduzzaman Siddique (YP54-SINDH06), Mr. Asadullah Chattha (YP-38-PUNJAB21), Syed Faiz Ali (YP30-PUNJAB13), Ms. Zaib Liaqat (YP26-PUNJAB09), Mr. Asad Abdullah (YP50-SINDH02) would like to present a policy for protection of minority rights and procedural amendments in blasphemy laws in light of the report prepared by the Blue Party on “Violation of Minority Rights.

Mr. Ummar Awais (YP34–PUNJAB17) and Ms. Zaib Liaqat (YP26–PUNJAB09) would like to move the following resolution: “This House is of the opinion that it is the time to understand the different responsibilities of legislative bodies and local government bodies. It is imperative to strengthen democracy at the local level with administrative and financial powers at the district and union councils to look after the civic and area development projects. While legislative bodies must focus on making laws/policies to benefit society. ”

Second Session

Ms. Zaib Liaqat (YP26-PUNJAB09) and Rao Sajjad Amjad (YP45-PUNJAB28) would like to present the Committee’s report “A Report on Role of Media in Elections.”

Mr. Ummar Awais (YP34–PUNJAB17), Ms. Zaib Liaqat (YP26-PUNJAB09) and Mr. Bilal Ahmad (YP37-PUNJAB20) would like to move the following resolution: “This House is of the opinion that student unions having no political affiliation should be allowed to operate in universities/colleges under the national union of students, to which all students unions across the countries must be affiliated, so that the democracy could strengthen and new breed of leadership could emerge.”

Fourth Session

Ms. Zaib Liaqat (YP26-PUNJAB09), Youth Minister of Information Technology and Telecommunication would like to present policy regarding uplifting the ban on YouTube in Pakistan.

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