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  Nabila Jaffar
  Brief Profile  

Born on January 1, 1986. Nabila Jaffer completed her M. Phil in Defense and Strategic Studies from Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad. She was a part of several national and international conferences and seminars during her studies and professional career. She is associated with an independent think tank institute and her areas of interests are Governance, Security, Politics and Conflict Resolution Studies. She was selected for International Visitors Professional Leadership Program (IVLP), on “National Security and Foreign Affairs”. Under this program she visited five states of USA in November 2012 and represented Pakistan’s FATA region. It was not only a cultural and dialogue exchange program but she also learnt about the US government system and the role of its local government bodies in its foreign policy making. She has worked as a visiting faculty in International Islamic University, Islamabad. Moreover, she has also represented FATA on many dialogue forums and presented research papers.

  Status in Youth Parliament  

Politically, Nabila Jaffar is affiliated with Blue Party and is member of Youth Parliament Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and Defence

  Contact Detail  
  Participation in Legislative Business  
Second Session

Mr. Mateeullah Tareen (YP03-BALOCHISTAN04), Mr. Rafiullah Kakar (YP06-BALOCHISTAN05), Mr. Hazrat Wali Kakar (YP02-BALOCHISTAN01), Ms. Nabila Jaffar (YP07-BALOCHISTAN07) and Mr. Ahmed Salman Zafar (YP24-BALOCHISTAN07) would like to move the following resolution: “This House is of the opinion that new provinces shall be formed in the country on the basis of a multiple criteria, which takes into consideration both administrative and ethno-linguistic factors. New federal units of Bahawalpur Janobi-Punjab, Southern Pashtunkhwa (North-Western belt of Balochistan), FATA and Hazara province shall be formed considering the popular demand for their creation and their economic and administrative viability. Creation of new provinces will not only strengthen federal integrity but will also ensure devolution of power to the grass root level.”

Fourth Session

Ms. Nabila Jaffar (YP07-FATA01) would like to move the following resolution: “This House is of the opinion that the Government of Pakistan must introduce reforms in the existing police system as it is understaffed, unequipped and untrained in countering the growing crimes and acts of terrorism. It must not only be equipped with modern technology and developed infrastructure but their sphere of authority also enlarged. Moreover, their working without any external influence must be ensured.”

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