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  Fourth Session Summary  

Fourth Session of 5th Youth Parliament Pakistan Concluded at Islamabad

August 28 - September 01, 2013

Wednesday August 28, 2013

The first day of the fourth session of Youth Parliament Pakistan began with two calling attention Notice moved by Ms. Momna Naeem (YP31-PUNJAB14) and Mr. Motasim Billah Khan (YP17-KP02) bringing the attention of the Honourable Youth Minister for Finance, Planning Affairs and Economics towards promotion of new investment mechanism and reciprocal trade for continued development and Youth Minister for Interior towards the negligence of NADRA resulting in issuing of CNICs to Afghan refugees. A resolution was moved in the House by Mr. Rafiullah Kakar (YP06-BALOCHISTAN05), Mr. Mateeullah Tareen (YP04-BALOCHISTAN03), Ms. Mehwish Rani (YP46-PUNJAB29) and Mr. Hazrat Wali Kakar (YP02-BALOCHISTAN01) proposing that the Government should hold peace deals with Militants by talking only with those militants who lay down their arms and renounce violence. Mr. Rafiullah Kakar (YP06-BALOCHISTAN05) was of the opinion that the Government should only hold such peace talks with a concrete deadline, missions and results. The Youth Minister of the Foreign Affairs said that these peace talks should not be considered as the only option; if required the Government should use the option of a military action. Air Marshal (Retd.) Masood Akhtar, Former Chief Instructor at the National Defence University (NDU) addressed the Youth Parliament Pakistan; he said that Pakistan requires a comprehensive and well-crafted national security policy urgently to tackle the mounting challenges of national security. He said that the policy making has to begin by setting appropriate aims and goals which would lead to a well integrated policy for the national security. He talked about several frameworks that could give a foothold to a good policy.

Thursday August 29, 2013

To enhance understanding of the members of Youth Parliament Pakistan on what constitutes extremism and how to practically address it, an exclusive workshop on Countering-Extremism was carried out during the fourth session of Youth Parliament Pakistan. Spanning over 2 days, the workshop focused on identifying various facets of extremism in the society followed by exercises on developing objectives, long and short term goals, strategies and recommendations. The workshop was conducted by Mr. Mohammed Feyyaz, a seasoned instructor from School of Governance and Society, University of Management and Technology Lahore with extensive experience of leading similar workshops in renowned national institutions. A Background Paper "Multiform Youth Extremism in Pakistan" to assist the MYPs was also prepared for the workshop and disseminated as part of workshop papers.

On the third day of the session, the Members of the Youth Parliament Pakistan (MYPs) visited to observe the Parliamentary Proceedings of the National Assembly.

Saturday August 31, 2013

The fourth day of the fourth session of Youth Parliament Pakistan began with a calling attention Notice moved by Ms. Momna Naeem (YP31-PUNJAB14) directing the attention of the House towards the importance of Kalabagh Dam and its adverse impact on the flood affected regions. An important contribution was made by the newly inducted Ms. Hira Mumtaz (YP41-PUNJAB24) who proposed that there should be a 3D Policy consisting of Development, Dialogue and Deterrence, the aim of which would be to resolve not only the menace of extremism but other issues that the province is engulfed in. This resolution was unanimously accepted. Mr. Rafiullah Kakar (YP06- BALOCHISTAN05), Mr. Inam Ullah Marwat (YP14-KP04), Mr. Mateeullah Tareen (YP04-BALOCHISTAN03) and Mr. Hazrat Wali Kakar (YP02-BALOCHISTAN01) moved a resolution in the house condemning the "Dump and Kill" policy by the military establishment in Balochistan. The resolution further stated that incase the establishment persists with such strategies; it is likely to accentuate further crisis of National integration.

Sunday September 01, 2013

On the last day of the fifth session, Dr. Muhammad Shoaib Suddle, Security Analyst and former Federal Tax Ombudsman addressed the Youth Parliament Pakistan and were of the view that the Government requires to move fast on putting in place a comprehensive National Security Policy. The issue of extremism and terrorism are deep rooted for which efforts are required from all sectors of society. He was of the opinion that the youth of Pakistan are the only hope of bringing stability in Pakistan. "Platforms like Youth Parliament Pakistan are a ray of hope for a better Pakistan. Such platforms create the mindset which is required to address the critical challenges of the society" said Dr. Shoaib Suddle. Earlier, the session started with a calling attention notice by Mr. Mateeullah Tareen (YP04-BALOCHISTAN03) on violation of the Line of Control (LOC) by the Indian Military. He was of the view that Indian authorities should stop these cross-border violations and resolve this prevailing tension with a peaceful dialogue. Ms. Nabila Jaffar (YP07-FATA01) moved a resolution in the House which demanded that the Government of Pakistan should bring reforms in the existing police system and equip them with the modern facilities and trainings. Ms. Hira Mumtaz (YP41-PUNJAB24) and Mr. Yasir Abbas (YP08-GB01) moved another resolution in the House discussing the grave situation in Syria and its alleged use of chemical weapons. The movers condemned the use of force in the region and demanded that the international community should wait for UN investigation report first any hasty action.

The session was prorogued sine die.

The 5th Youth Parliament Pakistan is supported by the Danish International Development Agency, Government of Denmark as recognition of the importance of young people's involvement in democracy and democratic practices.


















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